Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryBy now, most hockey fans have probably seen the play where Chicago’s Andrew Shaw almost won the game by heading the puck into the Anaheim net. The goal was quickly disallowed, but that call wasn’t obvious to everyone. Indeed, one of the analysts on NBC Sports Network’s broadcast–I missed if it was Brian Engblom or Joe Micheletti–specifically said, “There’s nothing in the rule book that says you can’t do that” (or words very close to that effect).

Now, I was unaware that you can’t head-butt the puck into the net for a good goal, but I did not play in the NHL, nor am I paid to analyze the game on television. (I’m just paid squat to write about it on a blog.) Shouldn’t the guys on the broadcast know the rule book backwards and forwards, especially Engblom and Micheletti, who actually played in the NHL? I get that it was an unusual play, to say the least, but in retrospect–once the actual rule prohibiting such plays was read on the air–it should have been obvious right away that the goal would be disallowed.

Engblom and Micheletti, and for that matter Kenny Albert, generally do a good job on their broadcasts, and it may not be fair to get on their cases for one missed call in a long game. But I can’t help thinking that Mike Emrick, had he been calling that game, would have immediately spotted the infraction. There’s a reason why the best is the best, and everyone else is…


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