Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryA memo for Blake Griffin: remember how you spoke that stupid, numbskull line, “I’m not here for a history lesson,” in your commercial for a certain car company? Well, here’s a bit of history you can ponder: your franchise has never reached a conference finals series. Let me say that slow, and I’ll use small words so even you can understand: NEVER reached the conference finals, let alone the NBA Finals.

Even setting aside typical NorCal/SoCal animosity, it’s particularly sweet to see the Clippers complete their epic choke job against the Rockets–for that smug, arrogant, churlish commercial performance by Griffin, if nothing else. As someone who studied history in college, that line has grated on me every time I’ve had to hear it, as that ad has run ad nauseum throughout this playoff season. That’s the last kind of attitude we should be celebrating in this country; knowing a little history helps immensely, in many of life’s endeavors. Like, for instance, history could teach you that just because your team is leading a series three games to one, you still might need to score a few points in the fourth quarter to wrap the thing up.

Have a good time enjoying your car’s “aggressive styling” during your off-season–which begins today, Blake. How’s that for a lesson?


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