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Mike Conley’s return seemed to help the Grizzlies get past a Warriors team that looked to be more than a cut above them in Game 1, but there may have been something else at work that led to Golden State’s loss.

I missed most of the first half, so it’s hard to say exactly why the Dubs wound up looking so bad in Game 2, but I suspect it had something to do with a well-known bugaboo for good to great teams: complacency.

After rolling through the first five games with only the barest of challenges thrown their way (Game 3 vs. the Pelicans), and then everyone having their yuks at Stephen Curry’s coronation as MVP on Monday, it sure looked like the Warriors let themselves get a little too satisfied before last night’s game was played. Conley surely helped Memphis, but in all I saw of the Warriors, at the tail end of the first half and in the entire second half, they were dreadful to a man. If one or two key guys had had an off night–and certainly, Curry and Thompson were terrible–that would be just one of those nights; but when the whole team pratfalls, that means they weren’t ready to play, up and down the roster.

This could turn out to be a good thing for Golden State–no fo’ fo’ fo’ fo’, but instead a much-needed wake up call for the remainder of the playoffs–or it could spell the beginning of big trouble, if the clock has now struck midnight and the carriage has turned back into a pumpkin. We’ll know which it is by the end of the weekend.


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