Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryNow, let’s all of us join together in giving ESPN and MLB Network our sincere thanks and gratitude:

Thank you, ESPN and MLB Network, for making certain that no baseball fan anywhere in this country is ever deprived on one single pitch of a New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox game. How wonderful it is that all of us can always be assured of seeing every single minute of every game played between those two teams (and there sure are plenty of minutes whenever those two get together!).

Oh, sure, you might hear a few complaints from some of the little people out there; people who call themselves baseball fans but somehow profess to not being interested in what they weirdly call a bloated, irrelevant rivalry. A few of those miscreants might even have the nerve to claim that there are other, more interesting teams in major league baseball–as if somehow those other teams deserve to be on national TV once in a while. One or two of them might even go so far as to claim that you’re treating baseball fans like they’re all Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange, prying their eyelids open and forcing them to watch yet another long, tedious game between the Yanks and the Sawx–but what do they know? They probably don’t live anywhere near I-95; hell, they’ve probably never even been inside a television studio!



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