Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryA random thought, that’s not really so random since it’s come up again and again and again, baseball season after baseball season:

Why can’t teams synchronize their radio and TV broadcasts? Teams must know that some fans prefer to listen to the radio call of the game while watching the pictures on TV; with baseball, it’s virtually guaranteed that that’s the case. And yet, no matter what, the radio broadcast calls the action nearly 10 seconds before we see it on the screen. Why? Who would be murdered by going to the trouble of putting a delay on the radio signal so that the action matches up? Indeed, doing so would mean the clubs were actually doing a service for their sponsors; fans who watch the game on TV and listen to the radio call are both hearing the radio ads and seeing the television commercials–you’d almost think they’d want to encourage that. But no–the broadcasts remain obstinately out of sync.

And please, nobody comment that there’s this that or the other way of getting your radio to sync with the visuals. I’m not listening to the radio broadcasts over the internet–I’ll be damned if I’ll pay for something that’s free over the air–and I’m usually listening on an old and relentlessly featureless radio like a clock radio or a cheap portable; there’s no option for delaying the signal there. Besides, the listener shouldn’t have to make that effort; the team should be looking for better ways to serve their customers, not the other way around.

I’m just saying–it bugs me.


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