Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryMost everyone has had his say about Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price and his rant about the local media, so now’s a good time to add something that hasn’t been said–something with a bit of a local angle for your correspondent.

Price has been rightly called out for his odd belief system that media members are somehow working for the franchise that employs him, a “radical new interpretation of the text” if there ever was one. Of course beat writers aren’t there to serve the needs of the Reds organization, or any other organization. And if the stuff your local media reports can help your opponents prepare to play your team, it follows that the other team’s local media is reporting stuff that can help you prepare to play your opponents. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure that out.

What may be worst about this is whole thing is this: Price’s rant, and its cock-eyed view of the role of the press, did not come from some bumpkin hick who spent his whole life in the farm system, playing and coaching in some flyover location far from where anyone has ever cracked a book. Price went to the University of California, Berkeley; he is in Cal’s Hall of Fame (presumably for baseball, not as a member of any rhetorical club). He graduated (or at least was a senior) in 1984–long before this country’s general decline in education standards started. And yet, despite having attended one of the nation’s premier academic institutions, Price is hauling around ideas about the role of the press and its members that are absurd at best, insulting at worst. Apparently, despite four years at one of the best schools in the country, Price never learned a damn thing.

Not a good look, for either Price or his alma mater.

(Hat tip to the Oakland A’s broadcast team for pointing out Price’s college pedigree during Monday’s game.)


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