Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryNeed to make note of the goings on up north, hoopswise:

This year’s first round has gone brutally to form, with all the favorites except one going up 2-0 after the first set of games in each series. (It says here there’s no clear favorite in the Clippers-Spurs series, now tied 1-1 and setting up for a glorious run of seven games). And where might we find that lone exception, that one higher seed that went out onto its home court and promptly threw up on itself? Toronto, of course.

Of course. The Raptors have never amounted to anything in two decades of existence, and now they’ve put themselves in an 0-2 hole against the Washington Wizards. First the decomposing corpse of Paul Pierce lit them up in Game 1, then the mildly underachieving backcourt of Wall and Beal ripped the Raptors in Game 2. Now the Atlantic Division champs are heading to Washington with offseason tee times squarely in their sights.

It would be one thing if Toronto had dropped their first two games at home to Boston; even in bad times the Celtics carry a certain mystique with them–they can “call up the ghosts” and beat better teams now and then just by virtue of being the Celtics.

But the Wizards? You lose your home court games to the Wizards? What ghosts are being called up by Washington? The spirits of Gilbert Arenas’s guns?

Seriously, can we just end this experiment and move (or contract) the Raptors now? Pathetic.


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