Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryThat’s right, Tigerites—let it go.

It’s been a subject of some discussion in this space before, but now a new—and even more damning judgment—has been passed on the Tiger Woods obsession that has been burning golf to the ground. It was bad enough for golf’s alleged fans (and media) to make it all Tiger all the time when there was little else to talk about; but now that Jordan Spieth has achieved something that nobody ever did before at the Masters (a record 19 under par at one point), the door to the future has been thrown wide open. You can’t say there’s nobody to compare to Woods now—because somebody just exceeded Woods on the course, in (possibly) the sport’s most famous and beloved competition, where Woods himself has always been dominant. And he did it at 21 years of age. Spieth’s accomplishment was so extraordinary that even I—a notable golf non-fan—tuned in to watch the young man bring it home.

No more excuses: the game can and will go on without the object of your obsession. Stop wearying everyone else’s ears by constantly talking about one and only one man.


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