Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryA previous post in these pages asserted that new commissioner Rob Manfred should hope that last season’s success by the Kansas City Royals proved no fluke, for the sake of demonstrating that competitive balance remains alive and well in baseball (and thus, given the need for a level playing field, making his job that much easier).

Well, so far the early returns are looking promising: the Royals have swept their first two series of the season and stand at an impressive 6-0. (If memory serves right, that marks 14 straight wins for KC against AL opponents, going back to last season’s playoffs.)

It’s only one week, of course, but seeing the Royals playing well despite their numerous defections from last year’s team bodes well for them this season—and helps make the case that, even with the sport’s unequal revenue streams, small-market teams really can compete with competent management in place (and a little bit of luck, too).

Alas, not everything is looking so good for the new commish…


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