Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryIn the midst of watching tonight’s Warriors-Suns game, I came to realize that in hating those new T-shirt uniforms, as I have since they were introduced, I’ve been too generous. Now that it has dawned on me why they exist, I’ve come to despise them.

The giveaway, which I noticed on the Suns unis just now, is the logo on the sleeve. Seeing that seemingly innocuous stylized “S” on the sleeve led me to realize what else could go in that space: advertising. I had previously assumed that these jerseys were just a new marketing initiative in and of themselves, another uniform variation designed to get the rubes to throw down more money at the team store. Now I see them for what they really are: fabric stalking horses intended to soften fans up for when the greedheads decide to place ads on the jerseys. They need the sleeved shirts instead of the traditional singlet for the ad space.

None of us should be surprised that the Association views us not as patrons or fans, but as mere consumers to be treated as marketing cattle. The only real surprise is that I was dumb enough not to see the full scope of the thing before. My humble apologies to all readers of this blog.


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