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Last week, Buffalo Sabres fans got an earful for showing a little too much enthusiasm for their team’s loss to the Arizona Coyotes, which presumably improved their chances of getting the top pick in this summer’s draft. Since disgruntled fans are the raison d’etre of the DFR, I’m obliged to comment on this happening.

We’ve already discussed that tanking is stupid, at least in the context of basketball. But it’s important to note that no one suggested that the Sabres (or Coyotes, for that matter) were tanking in that game. And Mike Weber’s reaction (see link above) indicates that the players, at least, are still trying.

Then again, the fans in the stands have every right to cheer whichever way they like, so long as they stay civil about it. You pay the ticket price, you get to have your say–again, as long as you keep it within the bounds.

So overall, no fouls here. Everyone stayed within the law.

Now if Sabres fans want something to complain about, how about grousing about that awful team logo.


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