Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryThe seesaw seems to have come to a stop.

First, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook both got hurt to start the season. Then they got healthy, and the Thunder came storming back to move into playoff position. Then I got foolish and predicted that they would win their first round series even if they were an eight seed–with a face-saving caveat that the injury bug might bite again. Then the bug bit again, and that caveat started looking better and better. Then Westbrook decided to play basketball Hercules and light up everybody, and things looked good for the Thunder, assuming Durant came back.

Well, no more assuming now–Durant is done and so is OKC, because there’s no way they beat the Warriors without both stars. If there was any doubt about that, this evenings destruction of the Grizzlies by the Dubs put any upset notions to rest; if Splash & Co. can drub Memphis like that–it wouldn’t have been as close as the score indicates if the Warriors hadn’t clocked out from work after the third quarter–they’ll chew up OKC no matter what Westbrook does.

This is why we love sports: even when it’s predictable, it’s unpredictable.


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