Logo for the DFR Audible post category“The ticker”; “the crawl”; the “bottom line”–we have many names for that animated slice of the TV screen that gives us the scores and news on each and every sports channel. No wonder, as this broadcast feature has been around for decades now–long enough for it to have acquired appellations aplenty.

So why is it, as we are talking about not new technology, that Comcast SportsNet can never get the damn thing right?

How can it be that at this late stage of the game, whenever I watch a program on CSN (thus proving that I do indeed have time to waste), the display on their crawl is inevitably screwed up. Each game score that appears on the screen is followed by some player’s statistics–at least, I think it’s some player’s statistics; the text flashes by so fast that it is impossible to read what it says. At least they seem to have finally gotten the text formatting right, most of the time; in the past, long news items would get condensed so tightly to fit on one screen (instead of crawling across, per the feature’s usual name) that the words would be unreadable.

Perhaps these issues are isolated to the local versions of CSN (Bay Area and California, if you’re keeping score). Maybe watchers of other CSN affiliates around the country are not so abused by their broadcasts. But I know it goes on here in the Bay Area, and I also know that it’s been this way for a long time.

Naturally, I expect anything attached to the label “Comcast” to be overflowing with stupidity and incompetence. Even so, how could the CSN people be so lousy at their jobs that they keep on not fixing this mess? Hell, even the Connecticut Clown College has its “Bottom Line” in complete working order, and has had it so for years now.

Here’s the news alert the CSN graphics department should get to read really soon: “You’re fired.”


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