Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryI don’t get it.

Today has been a spectacle, and not of the good kind. Everywhere I turned–TV, radio, hell…possibly even clouds in the sky–I found a world absorbed with the violently unfunny Will Ferrell clowning around a bunch of Cactus League games. Why the hell did this matter to anyone? Perhaps there was some charitable cause involved with this stuff,* but you’d never know that just from listening to people talk about it; nobody ever bothered to get past their chortling to actually explain what was going on.

We should all allow for differences in taste; folks can enjoy Ferrell’s movies if they want. I’ve heard Ferrell on podcasts, in real person mode, and I get that he’s a good guy. But I’ve never found him funny, and–more to the point–don’t know how anything he did today was so overwhelmingly entertaining that everyone needed to laugh themselves to the floor. I’m guessing the Phillie Phanatic can outhumor Ferrell at a ballpark any day between now and Labor Day. Give it a rest, folks.

*Yes, I know, hold your cards and letters–he was raising money for Cancer for College and Stand Up to Cancer. Very noble–just not that funny.


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