Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWord comes to us today, via the Bleacher Report (by way of Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports), that Pat Riley is, you know, just a little bit down on LeBron James for the way his former star left the Miami Heat to return to Cleveland.

Really? So chagrined, he is. That high-pitched sound you hear must be all the violins being played around the Association for poor, dear Pat.

Dwyer does yeoman’s work in exposing all of Riley’s hypocrisy; I for one prefer to savor the money quote:

“…You know, the whole ‘home’ thing, I understand that. But what he had here, and what he had developed here, and what he could have developed over the next five or six years here, with the same team, could have been historic….”

Uh, hey, Riles: wasn’t it possible that what James could have developed in Cleveland might have been historic, before you dumped a boatload of money at him to lure him away from that? I seem to recall that Michael Jordan, after not winning several championships with the Bulls through 1990, went on to build something historic in Chicago. Or should I head to the doctor’s office, because I have a tumor and I actually just hallucinated those six championships?

This is the part about being a sports fan that is so difficult: even the old men associated with the teams are petulant children.


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