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They may yet fall flat–injuries have happened, they can happen again–but if the Thunder get in, it says here that they’ll be in the second round, at least–no matter who they go up against.

Those words, from this post, amounted to a prediction, but not quite the one intended. With the first part of that statement now fulfilled–as Russell Westbrook–again–joins Kevin Durant on the sidelines–the second part of that statement looks a lot shakier. Even if the Thunder hold onto a playoff spot, will they actually have either of their stars available to play in the opening series? That’s the issue with injuries: when they “have happened,” it seems to up the chances that they will “happen again.” It will take some serious willpower to overcome a sense of being snakebit for Durant and Westbrook to be back–and in prime playing condition–for the postseason. If they both come back a week or two, at least, before the opening round, the prediction still stands. But can OKC beat the Warriors or Grizzlies without both stars playing for real in a series? No.


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