Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryThe Jackie Robinson West situation is one of the most challenging puzzles to come along in a while. Unless someone presents clear evidence that any actions taken to circumvent eligibility rules were undertaken by the kids themselves, it seems wrong to punish last year’s players for the faults of the adults who run their program. Yet, if no punishment comes from breaking the rules, then Little League officials will be teaching those kids–and a lot more like them–that rules are meaningless. Would it be enough to allow the kids from last year’s team to retain their championship, but suspend the JRW program from any chance of winning the championship again for, say, the next two or three years? That seems like the fairest thing to do, but…I could be convinced by arguments to the contrary, in both directions. I do not envy those who had to make that decision, any more than I envy those who will have to live with the consequences of this matter now and in the future.


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