Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryPerhaps the headline to this Audible should be, “Awful Call, Great Call.” Cris Collinsworth was right on it–the Seahawks made a terrible call on the pass interception that cost them the game. Collinsworth immediately called out Seattle’s coaching staff for not running the ball with Marshawn Lynch–from one yard away!–and it may turn out to be the highlight of his career. There were probably people in Myanmar watching their first NFL game who saw that play and knew it was a bonehead call, but recognizing it and speaking up about it are two different things. Collinsworth didn’t swallow his mike at a moment when other commentators would have. Instead, he unloaded with both barrels and let every viewer know that they really had seen what they thought they had seen. Big props to him for not letting Pete Carroll and his staff off the hook for losing a game they should have won.


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