Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryThe NFL’s Deflation Crisis has been churning along for four days now, and it’s amazing that this story has such legs. What is the DFR’s official position on this scandal? Mostly, bafflement.

One supposes the outrage being expressed has some merit, if deflating the balls truly gave the Patriots a competitive advantage–though it’s debatable that it was 45-7 worth of advantage. But the story elicits so many questions: Why didn’t anyone on the Colts say or do something about it during the game, when it might have made a difference? Why didn’t the officials notice anything hinkey about the balls? And, of course, the most obvious question of all: how the hell does the NFL allow its teams to play the games with their own balls? In the NBA, everyone uses the same ball. The NHL, same pucks. Baseball, same balls. In the last two cases, the game officials tend to the gear in question and put them in play–or get rid of them if there’s anything questionable about them.

What the hell are NFL officials doing out there if they can’t even be counted upon to take charge of the game’s most fundamental piece of equipment? And this from the biggest sports business in the nation. If nothing else, this proves that nothing succeeds in America like stupid.


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