Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryAnother season has come and gone for Peyton Manning. What does he have to show for his doings? A ton of stats (relatively meaningless, in this era of inflated stats), lots of playoff losses, and one Super Bowl victory (when he beat the Bears, who had no offense) versus two big game defeats. So can we finally agree to leave him out of all the “the greatest quarterback ever” talk? He’s been good, throughout his career. I’ll give him that. The best ever? Hardly.

At least he can console himself with a mountain of bad pizza and ‘chicken parm.’

Am I piling on? Sure I am. That’s how it goes in the playoffs. Don’t worry–Brady’s turn is coming up really soon…

ETA: Could there possibly be any greater vindication for the Colts on the decision they made on Manning three years ago than their victory over the Broncos? It looked bad when Manning got to the Super Bowl last year–but it looks like they’re set not just for the present, but for the future now. Can’t say the same for the Broncos.


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